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Joey Groves Commercial Design

Joey Groves Commercial Design

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M 027 280 6744
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Joey Groves Commercial Design provides specialist, Architectural, Interior Design and Project Management services for Workplaces, Business and Building Redevelopment throughout New Zealand.


Interiors, Architecture & Project Management

Established in 1996, Joey Groves Commercial Design extensive portfolio now extends from offices to retail interiors, banks to schools, showrooms to restaurants.

It is our belief that a well designed space is an essential component in operating a successful business. It helps attract the best staff, forms a key part of the corporate brand, reflects an organisation’s personality and culture, and provides space for productive work.

We have the Design and Project Management skills, experience, techniques and expertise to plan, organise, direct and control your project, and to achieve the best outcome within time and on budget.

Office Interiors

Whether you are looking at relocating, refurbishing, consolidating, down-sizing or just under-taking a small office alteration, we have the experience, expertise and resources to ensure a successful result, and just as importantly, ensuring that it is always “business as usual”.

Office Interiors
  • Property and space analysis
  • Brief development
  • Space-Planning and Interior Design
  • Budget Estimates of Cost
  • 3D CAD visualisation
  • Furniture recommendations and procurement
  • Council approvals, contract drawings and documentation
  • Project management

Multi Branch Premises

Our projects have generally included re-branding, fitouts and building refurbishments for small offices, banks, health clinics, convenience stores and franchise chains in both the “high street” and “shopping malls”.

Building Refurbishment
  • Pre Lease or Purchase Reports
  • Budgets and Quotations
  • CAD visualisation
  • Architectural, Space-Planning and Interior Design
  • Corporate Image implementation
  • Council approvals
  • Project Management

Commercial Kitchens

Our appreciation of hospitality management enables us to support your unique needs.

Commercial Kitchens
  • Premises analysis (Pre lease)
  • Conceptual Design and Space-Planning
  • Equipment, appliance and workflow recommendations
  • Commercial Kitchen Design
  • Budgets and Quotations
  • Obtaining all Council approvals
  • Project Management

Building Refurbishment

Our experience with commercial property enables us to identify redevelopment opportunities to add value to attract ideal tenants for landlords and to assist in securing the very best refurbished premises for tenants.

Building Refurbishment
  • Premises analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Assisting with lease negotiations
  • Architectural, Space-Planning and Interior Design
  • CAD visualisation
  • Council approvals
  • Drawings and Specifications
  • Project Management

Building Code Compliance

This work is primarily related to demonstrating that your building or premises are compliant with relevant clauses of the NZ Building Code.

We bring together the combined knowledge and expertise of qualified professionals in building inspection, architecture, building, fire prevention, drainage and specialist engineering.


A well-designed space is an essential component
in operating a successful business

Joey Groves Commercial Design

Mobile: 027 280 6744 Contact: Joey Groves - Designer, Project Manager
Phone: +64 (4) 389 9726 Email:
Fax: +64 (4) 389 9728 Website:
Address: 150 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington 6021
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