Caring for the environment
Caring for the environment

Welcome to Ralenti's Environmental Building Products Section

Please view the following companies products for information on the range of environmentally senstive building products on offer to the New Zealand marketplace.

Green Building Council "Green Star" compliant flooring adhesives

Green Solutions Flooring Adhesives

Green Solutions adhesives from RLA Polymers is a family of technically advanced products which are solvent free, have very low odour and have anti-microbial formulations. In addition they are Green Building Council "Green Star" compliant, and Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) licensed. The entire range of Green Solution adhesives can be specified for use in all Green Star rated buildings and will comply with the standards. See more.....

Nu-Wall Aluminium Cladding

Nu-Wall Cladding - A Responsible Choice for the Future

Nu-Wall is manufactured in New Zealand, predominantly from aluminium sourced from the Bluff smelter which is fuelled by hydro-electric power. At the end of a building's life the aluminium is fully recyclable; hence, Nu-wall cladding will never end up in a landfill, or otherwise present a disposal problem. See more...


Environmental Choice approved Resene product range

Choose from over 50 Resene Environmental Choice paints, stains and coatings - also see links to msds, Safety data sheets etc for each paint. See more...

Environmental Choice, GEN Member

Resene Paintwise

Get PaintWise with Resene

More than six litres of household paint is sold each year for each and every person in New Zealand. That's a lot of paint particularly as much of it is left sitting in paint containers and ends up in landfills. There are lots of ways you can reduce this burden on the environment. See more...



Wintec Ulltraclad® Environmentally Friendly Cladding

All Wintec UlltraClad® cladding is powder coated in Dulux Duralloy Generation2. This is an environmentally friendly powder coating which contains no solvents or harmful heavy metal pigments. See more...


Ullrich Aluminium

Ullrich Aluminium - Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that a recycled aluminium can saves enough energy to run a television set for three hours?. See more...

Flexco (NZ) Ltd

Environmental Friendly Building Products

From the outset, when Flexco (NZ) Ltd was formed in 1996, its directors formed a policy to deal with only safe, water based technology. This in turn would address the greater future demand for more environmentally and user friendly products being used in the marketplace. Our current products, which can be viewed throughout our web site, will not only offer you peace of mind, that they are safe to use, but they also offer significant savings. See more...



Sustainable Building

Bricks and roof tiles come from the earth, and being made of clay are 100% safe. They are inert, have no volatile organic compounds and allow your home to breathe, creating a healthy environment for you and your family. When it comes to energy efficiency and the environment, Monier Bricks and Roofing offers a lifetime of benefits. See More...



A council initiative focused on improving the environmental performance and resource efficiency of businesses throughout New Zealand. This exciting programme was launched on 28 February 2006 and is currently recruiting businesses nationwide. See More...