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Vertical and Lifts from Garaventa

HE lifts supply Garaventa Vertical lifts The Elvoron HR and LULA lifts (Low Use low application lifts)

Garaventa Vertical lifts ascend 15.2 metres, with 6 stops. Three standard car sizes. These vertical lifts have submersed hydraulic pump and motor to ensure quiet operation. Two speed hydraulic control valve provides the lifts with smooth comfortable stopping and starting.


Vertical Lifts

Garaventa Elvoron design team selected only heavy duty structural components and well-proven drive and control systems to ensure safety, comfort and long-term reliability of these lifts.

For further information - Download 8 page brochure.    Find out more at Garaventa...

Garaventa Limited Use Limited Application LU/LA Lifts

The Elvoron LULA is a limited use limited application elevator designed for low rise and low occupancy buildings. Find out more at Garaventa...

The Elvoron LULA is a limited use limited application elevator

Find out more about LU/LA elevators at Garaventa...


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