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New Zealand Institute of Architects

DORMA NZIA approved Continuing Professional Development Program

Developed to demystify and improve the understanding of Architectural Hardware and available to practices and individuals nation wide the DORMA Architectural Hardware Specification and Scheduling CPD presentation is the first in a series of presentations. Touching on areas as diverse as product selection and aesthetics to fire & disability compliance this informative and engaging first session is and excellent introduction to the process of Architectural Hardware specification and scheduling in New Zealand.

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Operable Walls

Moving mindsets with mobile walls... how can you change the layout of a room in a few moments?
DORMA's revolutionary new range of moveable walls offers a simple but effective way to transform areas to suit changing needs.

Flexible, modular rooms on every scale

DORMA has unveiled two new brands of moveable walls to the New Zealand market: Hueppe and Modernfold. Both these custom made, hi-tech products provide a cost-effective solution to the familiar challenge of optimum space utilisation. What's more, they're effortless to operate and provide an effective sound barrier against adjacent rooms.

Their multi-functional design and smart appearance suit virtually every kind of setting. Typical uses include partitioning large-scale rooms such as school halls, hotel banqueting halls or conference facilities, and converting smaller-scale areas such as offices, churches and banks.

Moveable Walls

"To convert a single large area into multiple smaller spaces requires no effort and can be performed single-handedly in just a few moments."

Operable Walls

Demand for these innovative space-management systems has been unrelenting

Operable Walls"Optimum space utilisation is always top of mind for modern-thinking architects, designers and their clients. Enterprising organisations have realised that customising areas to create new venues or a different ambience has a positive impact on the bottom line. Occupying only one half of a room can reduce costs associated with lighting, heating and air-conditioning."

"To convert a single large area into multiple smaller spaces requires no effort and can be performed single-handedly in just a few moments."

Colours & Finishes

Available in a wide choice of finishes and colours, both Hueppe and Modernfold walls can be tailored to match specific interior design requirements. "Clients can choose a variety of materials including laminates, fabrics, pin-able surfaces to match the ambience of the adjacent walls of the room, and, if they like, can combine these for a striking, aesthetic look".

Installation / Logistics

From an installation and logistics perspective, it is sensible to include plans for operable walls before construction starts, as there are certain load-bearing requirements to consider as well as coordination with other services such as electrical and air-conditioning. However, DORMA can also accommodate installations in existing buildings if required.

DORMA Hueppe Moveable Walls

Hueppe is a premium, internationally acclaimed product from a German company with 50 + years experience in operable walls. The panels are suspended from self adjusting rollers which means there's no hazardous floor track to comply with.

Key features and benefits:

DORMA Modernfold Moveable Walls

Modernfold is a custom made, highly-engineered American alternative with an impressive 75 years track record. Featuring sound-insulated panels, its smooth, crease-free finish gives the appearance of a static wall as the vertical panel joints are virtually invisible.

Key features and benefits:

Mobile Walls

DORMA around the world

Going to great lengths: International Convention Centre in Dubai uses MODERNFOLD moveable walls measuring approximately 12m metres high and more than 500 metres long!

Congress Centre in Leipzig City (known as University City), Germany, a project recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, has used more than 500 metres of HUEPPE moveable walls.



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