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Lumos Illuminated Handrails

Lumos Illuminated HandrailsLUMOS® the revolutionary new LED illuminated handrail bracket.

Style - Mood - Safety
The elegant Lumos® iluminated handrail system offers lighting solutions that subtlety enhances the mood of your space whilst providing improved safety.

One fitting, one solution for your stair or walkway lighting and handrail fixing.

Modern Finishes:
Satin Chrome, Chrome

Product features:

  • Modern styling
  • Concealed fixing
  • Easy installation
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Environmentally friendly: Very low power consumption (Approx. 60c per annum for one light 24 hours, 365 days, based on 15c a unit of electricity)
  • LED Bulb life approx. 12 years under continuous use
  • Cost savings – 1 fitting for rail and lighting
  • Adapter, with locator pins, for flat profile
    mouldings included
  • Available without light
  Lumos Fixture Safety features:
  • Cold light – no heat to injure young hands
  • Low level stair / walkway lighting
  • Static load tested to ASTM E 985.00 and exceeds 800kg
  • 12 volt regulated DC
  • Light coverage area at max. height (1mtr above pitch line) 900mm Dia
  • Bracket must be solid mounted
  • Complies with BIA acceptable solution D1/AS1
  • Potential to use for emergency lighting with appropriate equipment
  • Power supply must be installed by a registered electrical contractor

Suitable for interior domestic and commercial use. Recommend one bracket per 900mm spacing. Transformers supplied separately. Each transformer can power a maximum of 16 lights. Use only a Miles Nelson regulated power transformer. Failure to use a Miles Nelson regulated 12 volt DC will void warranty. Transformer tested to AS/NZS3108 @25 °C

Indoor With Light Without Light
Satin Chrome 610SCBP 611SCBP
Chrome 610CPBP 611CPBP
Outdoor With Light Without Light
Power Coat Satin 610SCEBP 611SCEBP

Bracket designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
Patent Pending. NZ Patent Application 542117
NZ Design Application 406 530

Australian Registered Design No 308729
Australian Patent Pending 2006203751

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