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Acoustic Flooring Solutions for Ceramic Tile Installations

AKU-Tile® 4 Impact Noise Reduction (INR)

AKU-Tile® 4 Impact Noise Reduction (INR) System is a system incorporating a high density non woven, polyester felt tile that when installed under ceramic tiles (to specification) will reduce the amount of impact noise that can be transmitted through the substrate. AKU-Tile® 4 INR is an ideal solution to new, high-rise apartments where designers are concerned for the end-users health and comfort. AKU-Tile® 4 INR is easy and fast to install, ensuring large commercial projects timelines are not compromised when choosing to install the AKU-Tile® 4 INR System.

Product benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Light weight
  • Low profile – 4mm tile thickness
  • Suitable for internal or external installations
  • Water durable – will not swell like cork if subject to water*
  • Cost effective
  • Can be installed on concrete or timber surfaces
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