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Green Solutions
Environmentally Friendly Flooring Adhesives

RLA Green Solutions have a range of environmentally friendly commercial flooring adhesives.

Enviromentally friendly, commercial adhesivesAll have the Green Star NZ credit approval.

  • Very low VOC emission
  • GECA licensed
  • Anti-microbial formulation
  • Solvent free
  • Very low odour

Features of these flooring adhesives:

  • Installer friendly
  • Beneficial to building occupant
  • Creating a safer work environment a good environmental choice, we are pleased to introduce some of New Zealand's most technically advanced flooring adhesive products.

Green Solutions Flooring Products

Green Solution adhesives is a family of technically advanced products which are solvent free, have very low odour and have anti-microbial formulations.

In addition they are Green Building Council "Green Star" compliant, and Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) licensed. These two organisations are setting the environmental bench marks in the building and construction industry, which means the entire range of Green Solution adhesives can be specified for use in all Green Star rated buildings and will comply with the standards.

The Green Solution Flooring Adhesive product range is a family of adhesives manufactured to the highest performance standards and suitable for most flooring installations such as:

  • Carpet and Carpet Tiles - Direct Stick and Double Bond
  • Vinyl sheet and Vinyl Tiles - Walls and Floor
Green Solutions adhesives - contributing to a healthier work place environment with the most user friendly adhesive available.

» Please view our website for more information on environmentally friendly flooring adhesives and underlays


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