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Proven, reliable bathroom ventilation solutions

Manrose Bathroom Fans

Simx has been supplying ventilation solutions for over 28 years and credits its success to listening and responding to market feedback with innovative, cost effective solutions.

The MANROSE brand has established itself in the market as the proven, reliable solution and the product range continues to evolve to ensure we lead the way as “your ventilation solution providers”. All Manrose fans include high quality ball bearing motors to ensure these fans perform consistently for a number of years. As a result all Manrose branded fans are supported by a 5 year warranty.

Bathroom Fans

Manrose has a range of products available from Wall/Ceiling Fans, Thru Wall Fans, to Shower Fan Kits and much more. Within the MANROSE range you can choose from a Classic model which offers trusted performance or a Pro-Series model with higher specifications. The Pro-Series brand includes products that offer installation advantages, and features to the contractor, as well as sought after aesthetics demanded by the consumer. Our aim is to provide stylish visually appealing ventilation fans to complement the trends in bathroom decor.

Heat /Fan/Light Units

Manrose Pro-Series Heat/Fan/Lights systems have been designed to complement a high quality bathroom by providing a stylish lighting heating and ventilation solution. Or an Extract-a-lite system provides high efficiency ventilation with a is a stylish halogen downlight. A recent addition to the range is the Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon systems that offer ventilation fans with up to 70% energy savings. Simx has an extraction fan for every application. Continual development and innovation ensures that future market demands are not only met but exceeded!

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Manrose Ventaxia Lo-Carbon


Simx Limited   (previously trading as Securimax)

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