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Trinity Lighting

Intelligent lighting solutions
Security Lighting and Sensors

Simx are continuing to introduce to the market high quality products, whilst providing a service level that’s second to none.

In many cases we bring global products to the New Zealand market with enviable features of design, innovation, quality and value. Building on this is the continual valuable information gained from the market to ensure that all products supplied meet the demanding requirements of NZ conditions. Whether there is a requirement for a twin spot sensor, with the additional feature of scanning LED’s to deter potential prowlers; or a standalone sensor to switch existing lighting; there is a product to meet every exterior lighting requirement.


Standalone sensors provide the consumer with automatic control of existing lighting. These sensors can be connected to any lighting around your home to provide added security. The Trinity range includes several sought after features including scanning LED’s.

Standalone Lighting

Standalone lighting enable consumers to be able to position their lighting and sensor separately for increased flexibility around the home. The Trinity range are designed to support Trinity sensors and sensor lighting products to provide high quality lighting where required.

Standalone Sensor Lighting

These sensor lighting solutions ensure all your exterior lighting requirements are met in one easy to install system. The Trinity range includes several sought after features including scanning LED’s and holiday mode for added security.

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Simx Limited   (previously trading as Securimax)

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